5 cheap destinations in Europe

5 cheap destinations in Europe

You do not have to go to the other end of the world to take a break from everyday duties and work. If you are planning to spend just a few days, you will find interesting places in old Europe.



Tiny country, surrounded by tourist giants like Italy, Austria and Croatia. Tourists often forget about the nearby Slovenia. And that is a big mistake – because it is the cheapest alternative for all travel lovers. Slovenia itself offers a variety of different forms of relaxation: you can go skiing, you can lie down on the beach, you can go kayaking. In Slovenia, you can really cheaply eat and stay overnight.



For many, Romania is still an undiscovered corner of Europe. One of the greatest assets of this country is the multicultural heritage – for centuries, Romania was under the rule of Turkey, Hungary and Austria. Traces of this rich history are still visible today in architecture. Fans of great views for the purpose of their journey should pick Transylvania  – this land is not ending panorama of mountains, green forests and charming villages.



For long remained on the list of top destinations. Dubrovnik, as a city on the southern tip of the country, tempts a large amount of sunshine (more than 250 sunny days a year), beautiful weather and warm waters of the Adriatic Sea. In addition, Croatia is also one of the cheapest possible foreign destinations, and the hotels there are not only affordable but also suitable for family trips.



Beauty of the Mediterranean beaches can be admired not only in Albania. But only there, you can do it by spending the least. The tourism infrastructure in Albania is very good, the prices are very affordable. Perhaps that is why you should consider the idea of spending your holiday in Albania?



Montenegro is a country that can be traversed in a single day, changing tens of kilometers from a dreamy summit and deep canyons to sunny beaches, from stone karst deserts to olive groves, from the shores of Lake Shkoderski to the fjords of the Kotor Bay .

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