5 most amazing places on Earth

5 most amazing places on Earth

1. The Canyon Antelope

is the most visited Canyon in the American Southwest. One look at the smooth, orange-red walls and it's easy to see why. The Canyon was created by the flooding, lightning and other processes through the underground movement, which broke down sandstone.

Because the rain continues (in 2006. The flood lasted longer than 36 hours), the landscape of the Canyon slowly returns in the current transformation. Although scientists are not sure when people discovered the cave, local Navajos contend that surreal Canyon is part of their cultural heritage for centuries.


2. The Plitvice Lakes National Park

Jezostał founded in the year 1949 and is the oldest national park in South-Eastern Europe, as well as the largest national park in Croatia. Like other surreal place, was considered world heritage by UNESCO since 1979. Nowadays, more than a million tourists went to the Park, on waterfalls, caves and lakes.
There are over 100 species of birds living in the forest of beech and FIR. As if the area could not be more beautiful, the whole landscape turns into winter, when water freeze and winter white.


3. Geological Park, Zhangye Danxia

4. Waterfall McWaya, California

This an 80 metres long waterfall lies directly on the beach, which is situated on the wide blue Pacific coast. Throw on some cliffs and blue sand beaches, and the landscape is so beautiful, that is true.

5. White Sands National Monument

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