8 tips for travelling by WizzAir lines

8 tips for travelling by WizzAir lines

About the Hungarian carrier we read a lot of positive and negative reviews if they have reflected in reality? Is this a cheap carrier is really so bad? The truth is that if you follow a few tips and you consider WizzAir as transport from point A to B, and not a form of time it’s hard to expect more at these prices.

1. Never fly with Wizz Air

Just kidding, Wizz Air is a pretty good, if you want to travel cheap, and you don’t care about the quality of the services offered, but if your flight takes longer than 2 hours and/or are you high think better about purchasing additional space for legs. WizzAir is known for densely placed seats in the cabin of the aircraft. Comfortable seating you will find an emergency exit from the aircraft.

2. Bring along wipes, disinfectant.

Serio. WizzAir is like a bus after a 12-hour change-papers on the ground, the sticky armrest is standard. The crew between the boardingiem is literally a few minutes on embracing the plane-time enough only to clean the larger tragedy.  So take care of yourself a little and see what sits down.

3. Cabin bag put over the seat.

Rules of WizzAir says that small pieces of carry-on baggage should be placed under the seat-avoid this like the plague and if you do not want to have even less leg room as soon as possible put your luggage in the cargo over the seats.

4. Try to pack as the smallest carry-on.

Try to get to the baggage was as small as possible, if you will be forced to put luggage in the legs this size will have a significant impact on the quality of your trip

5. Check-in online and not at the airport.

In Wizzair online check-in is free, at the airport there. The lack of this little paper in the terminal may cost you from 10 to 30 euros. Online check-in can be completed up to 60 minutes before the opening of the gates.

6. Redemption Of Wdc.

If you are planning more than one trip per year with Wizz it certainly pays off. You are flying in for two people? Are entitled to discount for a companion in this way with a single flight can pay You to buy Wizz Discount Club. At a price of 139 gold includes: discount ticket discount for large baggage, offers premium, and more recently, early access to book distant deadlines.

7. Bring food and drinks

The food offered onboard Wizz is the price of restaurant meals, and size. well the modest. If you can refrain from eating for the duration of the flight, if you absolutely need a bite to eat, try to bring in food for the Terminal-even though everything is much cheaper than on board.

8. Get on board the last or first.

Or use the Privilege Pass-priority boarding, or wait until all take their seats, another tactic does not make sense.

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