Apartments Royal-Budva, Montenegro

Apartments Royal-Budva, Montenegro

A base is similar to that in Croatia-great hotels are a minority here, most nights provide here private guesthouses and apartments. This arrangement has a beneficial effect on the Visual qualities of charming small towns that do not threaten high hotels standing in line on the beach.

Royal apartment although it was difficult to find in twilight was a pretty well marked, the lack of neon lights tricked our team. Despite the later hours, the reception was still open-front desk or the owner sitting on the terrace of the popijający drink and smoking a cigarette turned out to be, despite the lack of knowledge of foreign languages a cute man, without haste gave us the keys and he brought to the apartment, this turned out to be a small but fresh after renovation.

Room was quite sizeable terrace which views can not give any photo, this view showed us only in the morning when the Sun rose. Apartment building was in a Green Valley, therefore around spanned the beautiful landscape.

The nearest beach is less than 2 kilometers to the South, in the area, unfortunately, lack of services and shops. Stay was public Wi-Fi access, and a variety of spaces.

Our rating: 9.5

Evaluation on 9.7

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    1. The middle of summer can be uncomfortable for some people due to high temperatures. We recommend late spring, the weather is moderate then and nature emanates with colors.

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