More and more tourists in Poland.

More and more tourists in Poland.

In 2016 fell a record in terms of the influx of tourists to the Polish-throughout the year, there were more than 17 million, it is the 4.5% increase compared with the previous year.

The largest portion of foreign tourists are Germany, far after them followed by the British and the Russians. Most and seem to us … The Chinese.

Last year's certainly pools napompowały two large event-world youth day and the European Championships in handball. Analysts, however, agree that tourism in Poland is growing and will grow.

Increases in the national tourism industry we are seeing with the newly built network of express roads and motorways, the trip after Poland became much easier.

Another advantage are the newly opened flight connections with the biggest Polish cities, such as British Airways flights from London to Krakow, Wizzair flights to Szczecin and Katowice and Finnair to Gdansk.


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