Cantabria-Santander and around

Cantabria-Santander and around

  1. Santander


the largest city in Cantabria, 200 000 people, SANTANDER is an elegant and sophisticated with excellent public transportation. While its location in a narrow island in the Bay of Santander-from the heart of the city, you can enjoy beautiful views of the Bay, climb the hills and mountains that glow at sunset, and the beautiful sandy beaches stretch much on the Bank in 1941. The center of the city has lost most of its best buildings until after the massive fire.


PICOS DE EUROPA may not be the highest mountains in Spain, but they are favorites for many walks, trekking and climbers. In 1995, it was announced the National Park, is a masterpiece of miniature: just 40 km through in both directions, between the three large rivers and in the province of Asturias, León and Cantabria. Asturianie see the top as a symbol of their national identity and celebrate the sanctuary of Covadonga in the West as the birthplace of Christian Spain.
Walk from the peaks they are extraordinarily diverse, and path match for all levels, from a simple stroll for walks two hours or three days


3. Discover charming villages

Easily accessible by car, but still attractive, Santander's East Coast has become more and more developed for tourism. The most well-known is Laredo, with its big Beach, but the most suitable alternative are beautiful hotel in CASTRO URDIALES, 20 kilometers east of Laredo and Santoña fishing ports and only a few minutes to the West of the large urban agglomerations are areas of Bilbao.

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