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Montenegro usefull information

Montenegro flag and national colors

Capital: Podgorica

Continent: Europe

Population: 666,730

Area: 14,026 Km2

Time: +01:00

Electricity: 230V/50Hz

Drive: drives on the right

Lang: Serbian (Ijekavian dialect - official)

Boarding countries:

Climate: Mediterranean climate, hot dry summers and autumns and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfalls inland

Montenegro notices

CDC notice
Practice Usual Precaution

Security notice
Exercise normal security precautions
There are no significant safety and security concerns.

Health, Security, Crime indexes of Montenegro

crime index indicator

Helath index

security index indicator

Crime index

health index indicator

Security index

Montenegro assistanse numbers

police assistans


fire brigade assistans


ambulance assistans



Location of Montenegro: Southeastern Europe, between the Adriatic Sea and Serbia


Actuall currency in Montenegro: EUR

$ 1 United States dollar (USD) = 0.84 EUR

£ 1 Euro (EUR) = 1 EUR

£ 1 Pound sterling (GBP) = 1.08 EUR

¥ 1 Japanese yen (JPY) = 0.01 EUR

A$ 1 Austrialian dollar (AUD) = 0.67 EUR

C$ 1 Canadian dollar (CAD) = 0.67 EUR

1 Russian rubel (RUB) = 0.01 EUR

1 Swiss Franc (CHF) = 0.88 EUR

1 South african rand (ZAR) = 0.06 EUR

How does EUR bankontes look like?

5 euros reverse
5 euros reverse
5 euros reverse
5 euros reverse
10 euros
10 euros
10 euros reverse
10 euros reverse
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Prices in Montenegro

Meal: 5,60 EUR Mcdonald Meal: 3,87 EUR Beer in bar: 2,04 EUR
Chesse: 5,01 EUR Meat: 7,10 EUR Beer bootle: 0,93 EUR
Wine: 4,07 EUR Public tranport ticket: 0,71 EUR
Taxi per km: 0,46 EUR

Cost of living in Montenegro

Rent: 283,43 EUR
Sallary: 464,90 EUR
Sallary: 464,90 EUR

Montenegro touristic attractions

Montenegro is undoubtedly a lot of tourist attractions and is a great place for your dream holiday. It is worth visiting the scenic Dinarian Mountains, Orthodox monasteries and numerous monuments that are remnants of Roman and Byzantine times. It is in Montenegro, as in Croatia, many old medieval...

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Montenegro electricity standard

voltage electricity standard and plug type

Voltage: 230V

Hz: 50Hz

Energy plug type: C, F

Montenegro weather

Average Temperature

TEMP in °C3.
Average daily temperature by month based on Montenegro cities weather.

Average Rainy Days

RAIN in mm137.7137.5115.8111.786.561.545.356.2139.898.8186.8167.8
Average monthly rainfall based on Montenegro cities weather.
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Utjeha › North-West: Uvala maslina - Utjeha − Adriatic Sea, Montenegro Utjeha › North-West: Uvala maslina - Utjeha − Adriatic Sea, Montenegro
Kotor › North-West: Kotor Fortress − Kotor beach − Bay of Kotor, Montenegro Kotor › North-West: Kotor Fortress − Kotor beach − Bay of Kotor, Montenegro


City Aiport name Aiport code Google Map
PodgoricaGolubovci ArptTGDMap
TivatTivat ArptTIVMap

Safety advices

Montenegro is a country which is friendly to tourists who visit it and take care of their safety, should consider the following conditions:
At places of greatest tourist interest there is often theft - tourists often complain about theft of money, documents (we remind you that every identity theft should be reported to the police, where appropriate to get a certificate of this fact). There...
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Health advices

There are no special sanitary-epidemiological risks in Montenegro and no vaccination certificates are required.

State medical care is paid for foreigners and at a relatively low level. The doctor visit fee is between 30 and 50 EUR (without additional diagnostic and treatment fees).

Pharmacies are well stocked and do not require prescriptions.


Prior to going to Montenegro, compulsory / recommended vaccinations should be provided, pharmaceuticals used to prevent / cure diseases occurring in the country and to treat health problems that may occur during travel.

Hepatitis A - Vaccination in case of risk of ingestion of contaminated water and / or food

Hepatitis B - Vaccination for the risk of surgical intervention, injection, contact with infected blood, sexual contact

Rabies - Vaccinationin case of risk of bitting by wild animals, eg dogs, cats, foxes


List of non-vaccine prevential diseases accouring in Montenegro:

H5N1 Avian Influenza - Disease caused by virus transmitted by living birds.


Payment cards and credit cards (American Express, VISA, MasterCard / EuroCard, Maestro) are generally accepted (they can also be cashed from ATMs). Only small shops do not have adequate terminals.

During the day there are occasional power outages, and consequently, in water supplies and in winter heating.