Floating Lake Titicaca-Peru

Floating Lake Titicaca-Peru

Lake Titicaca

In the shadow of the mountain range of the Andes on Lake Titicaca, lives a tribe that was forced by incoming Inca to live on floating islands. The Incas did conquer the surrounding lands demanded high taxes, often taking the whole tribes in captivity. Uru tribes have decided to withdraw for the biggest world lake shipping run koczowniczo/sedentary lifestyle on the specific Islands made of reeds.

Reed Totora which are made of the local Islands are also used to build boats, houses, all kinds of tools and household items. Reed, however, you need to constantly replenish, but the timber in the area. Today it is used as the building blocks of handmade souvenirs.

Now the people of Uru earns a living from fishing and tourism.

The natives enjoy the opportunity to make money, is now the Lake more than 50 islands that can be visited for a fee.

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