Ryanair announces the purchase of Italian airlines.

Ryanair announces the purchase of Italian airlines.

Irish, low cost airline Ryanair again in the offensive. It seems the Italian carriers will hit the hands of Michael O’Leary.

Ryanair told Reuters and confirmed CNN that it is in the process of finalizing the purchase of Italian airlines Alitalia, which have collapsed and were put up for sale in May this year. CEO Michael O’Leary announced that he intends to keep the Italian brand and sustain Alitalia’s long-distance routes. For shorter routes, Ryanair’s chief is gearing up for fleet replacement.

Michael O’Leary emphasized that he plans to buy planes instead of leasing them while not identifying a specific supplier for Alitalia’s new fleet. The CEO also warned that he would try to keep Alitalia’s pilots and crew from losing their jobs, but their terms of employment would have to be changed to match Ryanair’s pay policy.

Alitalia is not the only airlines that have recently gone bankrupt. August 15th. Air Berlin, which has generated € 2.7 billion in losses over the last six years and has a net debt of € 1.2 billion, has gone bankrupt. Since the bankruptcy was announced, airlines have begun to massively cancel flights on their routes, including the Warsaw-Berlin route.

Air Berlin, which until recently employed nearly 7 thousand. The workers, they have the same shareholder as the falling Italian Alitalia lines. There are Etihad lines from Abu Dhabi. In the case of Air Berlin the lines are 29% shares, and in the case of Alitalia – 49%. And in one and the other case the lines from the UAE have decided that they can not continue to finance the fallen companies.

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