The symbol of Norway-Kliff Preikestolen might „fall away

The symbol of Norway-Kliff Preikestolen might „fall away

Norwegian scientists are seriously concerned about the results of the tests that suggest that the symbol of Norway who visits more than 200 thousand people per year can disappear causing not a small disaster, falling into the water rock will pay water and local flooding. All through the gap in the cliff which grows from year to year.

Majestic Cliff appears to be stationary, in fact, according to the latest research it turns out that Cliff moves. The aperture size according to research from this year has grown by 2-3 mm. The loss extends parunastu metres deep into the rocks and is now constantly monitored by the scientists soon for scientists rise also 3D model to analyze the stability of the rock.

„We assume that the Preikestolen last didn’t move, however, you have to install something in order to detect any movements. In addition to this we are also test and check the cracks, „said Boehme Stavanger Aftenblad.

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