Tiermes Complex – ancient mystery

Tiermes Complex – ancient mystery

Mysterious Tiermes buldings complex is one of the most interesting ancient constructions. Advancement of these structures indicates that the builders had to be a highly developed culture. According to the local population, history of buildings is related to the race of mysterious beings who allegedly once lived there.

Tiermes complex is located in Castile and Leon, in the province of Soria, about 120 km northeast of Madrid. The main point of the Tiermes complex is a huge rock formation, called the fortress or bastion but  there are other puzzling structures in the area, which show that the builders were a culture of very high development.  Whats misterious – oldest buildings are made with the greatest precision. Monolithic blocks were cut from red sandstone, transported and arranged in such a way that all entrances and gates are leading to the proper fortress. These structures are even 4 meters wide and were sometimes cut down to 6 meters deep into the rock.

An example of advanced technique in Tiermes are the enigmatic traces that are found around the fortress. Throughout the plateau Tiermes run dozens of artificially made parallel grooves. Width of these structures varies between 1.40 m and 2 m. Mysterious network of routes that reminds of railway tracks has a total length of several kilometers. Width of the grooves is usually about 17 centimeters. Almost identical structures can be found in many other places in the world, including Malta and Gozo, where we also can find ancient contructions. What were these unusual grooves? Did they serve as tracks that followed prehistoric vehicles of great weight? Rocks look impressive, but in Tiermes we also find other puzzling structures.

Another secret of Tiermes is hidden underground inaccessible for tourists. Numerous, high tunnels up to 140 meters are stretching across plateau on which the fortress is situated. At irregular intervals from these tunnels are leading to surface rounded shafts equipped with carved footsteps. Tiermes is often called a fortress, but according to researcher Thomas Ritters – system of underground corridors would be very inefficient. Invaders could easily cut off the possibility of escaping, and in addition could not be attacked from a higher position. The mysterious building also contains utility rooms with gigantic walls sometimes thick, ranging from 1 to 3 meters and let down even 5 meters into the ground. Equally unknown and mysterious is the purpose of the numerous sloping ramps with ruts that run throughout the plateau.

Tiermes complex remains a mystery to this day and brings more questions than answers. So far only 5% of the 150 hectares of buildings have been surveyed. It is not known who built these extraordinary structures. Some archaeologists argue that only the Romans could have the appropriate technical level to raise all that mysterious buildings. If the complex was actually a shelter, then who or where did the builders hide? There is no doubt that in later times complex was used both by Roman colonists and the Celtois, but were they the authors of these constructions?

Tale that is alive among the inhabitants of the province of Soria is about quite different events. The legends of this region go back very far. According to the story long ago there lived mysterious humanoid beings. Apparently they had a magic-bound technique and veins under the ground. Mysterious creatures passed the secrets of their magic to a select group of people who then raised buildings. According to tales these beings didn’t  have a human face and looks familiar to lizards or snakes. Apparently such  description does not indicate anything specific, but the stories of extraordinary reptilian beings were transmitted independently of each other by members of many ancient cultures around the globe.

Sumerian god of the underground world named Ningishzida was presented in form of a snake. In ancient China there were known stories of dragon kings, and also the legendary creator of civilization called Fu Xi, who looks like snake. The Mayan God – Kukulkan  was also depicted in form of a serpent, as were the Nagas of Hindu mythology who lived underground. Egyptian goddess The oracle was supposed to be half human, half serpent, while Sobek’s god would have a crocodile head. Serpent beings are also found in Christianity and Islam and in the myths of the Aztecs, Zoroastrian and Greeks. Why did ancient people who had no contact with one another convey the same stories about the appearance of mysterious divine beings? Is it just myths and legends, or maybe an attempt to describe something they have seen with their own eyes and reminded them of skin reptiles?


Perhaps story of a highly developed race of beings is only the result of the imagined inhabitants of Soria. However, level of advancement of Tiermes structures indicates that the builders had to be a highly developed culture. Perhaps they were representatives of an unknown human civilization, which in the distant past inhabited Europe. This would indicate other unusual buildings from Europe as well as very similar rutts from Malta. It is possible that the creators of these structures have learned from the same mysterious beings referred to in many ancient cultures.


Museum Tiermes

The Tiermes Museum is open with the following schedules:

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July to September – from: 10 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm.

Sundays and holidays: 10 a 14 h.

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