Tourist are not afraid of terrorism

Tourist are not afraid of terrorism

2017 may be a record year of the number tourists traveling abroad. However,  surprise is not their number but the places they choose to travel.

During the first four months of 2017, the United Nations World Tourism Organization recorded 369 million travelers abroad for at least one night. It’s 21 million more than in the same period year ago.

They are not only more than ever, but they also choose more unusual directions than ever. Instead of going to Spain, Italy and other holiday “hits” tourists are increasingly going to Asia, Africa and South and Central America.

Exotic and less safe directions are more often chosen by tourists. Records fall in such regions as Palestine or Mongolia. Places that have been avoided so far have become hits.

Although the number of people interested in going to Egypt decreased by 46% compared to last year, and to 94% in Tunisia. Tourists still choose these places for their dream vacation.



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