Winter holiday – where to go in January, February or early March. 5 warm and cheap destinations.

Winter holiday – where to go in January, February or early March. 5 warm and cheap destinations.

The choice is not easy, and vacation in warm countries are still expensive. We advise where to go on holiday in the winter when we want to experience the sun, but we can not afford to overpay.



The Portuguese island of Madeira is good for the season. Madeira is closer to the coasts of Africa than Europe, so it is warm all year round. Madeira is even called the island of eternal spring – the temperature does not drop below 20 degrees Celsius, but there is no tiring heat.

Madeira is famous for its beautiful landscapes and flowers brought here from all over the world. The opinion of a particularly beautiful botanical garden has the capital of Madeira, Funchal, great for romantic walks in the thickets of trees and bushes, over the streams and near the waterfalls.

Although Madeira is an island, you cant count on the beaches, there are just a few of them and they are artificial. Lovers of swimming and sunbathing stay in Madeira hotel pools.

Madeira is most convenient to tour by car. When renting, it is worth paying attention to what the insurance covers, because on the mountain roads of Madeira is easy to crash. You can also use local transportation, but then you may not be able to reach many beautiful places. And you have to know that Madeira is rich in romantic alleys, which are best explored slowly and on their own.

North Madeira is recommended for those looking for relaxation, south of the island – for those who are looking for entertainment.

Madeira is most convenient to travel with a travel agency or charter, as there are no many direct flights to Funchal. In winter you can count on attractive promotions and last minute deals. Another option to get to Madeira from Portugal TAP airlines.



Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries for exotic holidays. Winter is the best time to travel to Southeast Asia. The only downside to traveling to Cambodia is the high price of the air ticket, but if we buy it, the remaining expenses will surprise us in favor.

Accommodation in Cambodia can already be found at $ 6-12 for a double room with en-suite bathroom, a filling and tasty dinner costs $ 2-3. Affordable and convenient transportation between tourist destinations. The comfortable sleeping bus from the Cambodian coast to Siem Reap (the main departure point for exploring Angkor Wat) is about $ 13.

The most convenient way to get to Cambodia is to fly to Bangkok (the ticket can be bought for about 500 euros, and from Bangkok to the Cambodian border or one of the Cambodian cities by bus.

Cambodia, contrary to many opinions circulating on it, is not dangerous. In this country deeply affected by the wars and bloody regimes, there are still many mines, but tourist sites are cleared, and where they have not yet been done, there are signs.

In Cambodia, there is also no great danger of common crime, and people are extremely friendly.

Most tourists arriving in Cambodia have the same primary purpose: Angkor Wat. But the legendary complex of temples in Angkor is not the only place to see in Cambodia. Interesting is the capital of the country, Phnom Penh, with its beautiful royal palace and traces of ancient colonial architecture. It is worth going around the scooter around Battambang and enjoy a ride by bamboo train.

Relaxation is possible on the coast where you can sunbathe and dive, preferably in the vicinity of the resort of Sihanoukville. And if we want to see the jungle, let’s take a trip to the Cardamom Mountains.



Warm and calm in winter, Cyprus will be interested in for lovers of ancient, and promotional prices for trips to Cyprus after the season will attract those who are looking for savings. For sunbathing and swimming in Cyprus in the winter it’s too cold, but for sightseeing and getting away from the cold or plum season it’s great.

Cyprus is best to visit by rented car. You can then reach the remains of the ancient world, mountain monasteries, lost villages or wild beaches. It is worth visiting the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, with its pretty old town, Pissouri – a picturesque town on the rocky coast of the island, port Paphos with Byzantine castle and Roman mosaics.

Cyprus is the island of Aphrodite, so it is necessary to see the rock, according to legend, the goddess emerged from the sea foam. Winter is also a good time to see the flamingos on the salt lake of Larnaca.

Winter is a time when it is easy for an inexpensive trip to Cyprus with a travel agency. If we absolutely want to avoid typical resorts, we can look for cheap charter.



Turquoise sea, paradise beaches, idyllic views and sunny weather. Can there be anything more beautiful when Europe and the States are frigidly cold and gray? At the time we are in winter, in Thailand, especially in the south of the country, the best weather for the holidays is sunny and warm but not extremely hot.

In Thailand we find everything the soul desires: trekking in national parks, old monuments, Buddhist temples, hospitable locals and a pleasant exotic feel – but not wild and disturbing, just friendly and tame, tailored to the needs of European tourists.

If in Thailand we really want to relax, let’s go to the islands. The Thai islands of Phuket and Ko Pha-Ngan will be perfect for party people, Koh Chang will satisfy both luxury and honeymooners, Koh Samui and Koh Jam will delight in relaxation seekers and Similans is a paradise for divers.

Prices of goods and services on Thai islands are rather low, especially for good negotiators. For $ 10-15 you can find a modest double room. Cheap and great is Thai food, a portion of pasta with vegetables on the street is an expenditure of 1 dollar, in a cafeteria you can eat for $ 3-5.

On the island of Phuket you can get by plane from Bangkok, prices start at $ 40 for a one way flight. On other Thai islands we will take the ferry.



In winter you can spend your holidays in the Canary Islands for half the price of the summer, so why not go to Tenerife in February instead of July? Tenerife is the most diverse of all Canary Islands, thats why it is called continental in miniature.

Winter water in the ocean does not encourage bathing (water temperature is about 18 degrees), but it is warm enough to use the hotel pools and rest on a sun lounger. This is an option for lazy but active tourists will not be bored on Tenerife, with the possibility of hiking and cycling trips of different levels.

The most ambitious, I would love to go to Spain’s highest mountain, El Pico de Teide volcano, 3718 m high. The volcano is located in the Teide National Park, which protects the unusually interesting nature of Tenerife, with pine forests, interesting rock formations and multicolored lava. In the north-west of Tenerife you can admire the impressive, 500-meter vertical cliffs with the suggestive Los Gigantes.

The tourist center of Tenerife is mainly located in the south of the island, near the sandy beaches. Visiting Tenerife without a car rental is difficult, although buses can take you to many places.

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