5 places for a holiday in the autumn.

5 places for a holiday in the autumn.

Looking for cheap and quiet places for a late holiday? See our proven list of directions that will delight you in the fall.

Canary islands

Spring all year long, endless fiesta, and also crystal clear air. So in a nutshell, you can describe the climate of these volcanic islands. Although many combine it, each one has its own unique character. “Fuerteventura” is Spanish in a strong wind. No wonder that this island is considered the true windsurfing Eden. Turquoise waves and golden sand are the perfect companion for those who need to recharge the batteries.



The autumn expedition to Mexico effectively recharges your batteries for long winter evenings when you return home. Good weather, tasty cuisine and interesting cultural events. It is first of all waiting for you in Mexico. It is a good idea to visit the city of Oaxaca, where the days of death are celebrated (Día de Muertos). The feast lasts from October 31st to November 2nd, and comes from the Aztecs. During the Death Days on the streets there are skulls and local people prepare special dishes.



Autumn is also the perfect time for wildlife safari gathering around the rivers and waterfalls from May to November. Zambia, famous for its Victoria Falls, the mighty Zambezi River and its unspoilt nature, was named one of the best places to visit.
Approximately 30% of the country is reserved for wildlife. There are 20 national parks in the region, including the Lower Zambezi National Park, Kafue National Park and South Luangwa National Park.



If you dream to see Taj Mahal, then you should consider exploring just in the autumn when weather conditions are more bearable. October and November, after the monsoon, is a good time to admire the spectacular views of the lush marble mausoleum, one of the seven new wonders of the world.
It is also worth arriving in India in the fall due to Diwali – a Hindu festival of light. Diwali is celebrated with impetus, accompanied by numerous cultural events.



Bhutan opened its borders to Western tourists in the 1970s. Since then, more and more newcomers from Europe and North America have visited this beautiful country. It is good advice to appear here until others have yet to be trampled on.
60% of the country’s surface is covered by lush forests, and the place that you simply have to visit is the Paro Taktsang Monastery, also known as the Tiger Nest.

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