Storm that created anusual tourist attraction in Newcastle

Storm that created anusual tourist attraction in Newcastle

Nobby Beach is a lovely beach in Newcastle, popular among tourists and locals. Unfortunately, on June 8, 2007, a strong storm hit the Newcastle region causing great damage that forced  local government to declare a state of natural disaster. In addition to the damage storm left an unusual suprise.

Before the storm hit Newcastle Harbor Master announced  warning and advised ships waiting for load and unload to sail out to sea. Unfortunately, not all captains complied with this warning, one of them was Captain MV Pasha Bulker who decided to stay in the coastal zone.



Ship was empty so it was light and shallowly submerged which caused it to be thrown ashore. The investigation found that both anchors were raised, engine room was efficient and the crew did not call for anyhelp from tug boats – which makes it possible to assume that captain didn’t fulfill his duties.






After entering the shoal 22-person crew – Filipinos and Koreans were evacuated using a helicopter. During a series of storms lasting ship was pushed away and set parallel to the shore. Standing just 30 meters from the shore became a real tourist attraction of the area.









After several unsuccessful attempts ship was finally released on July 2 same year,after which it was towed away to Japanes shipyard in order to repair heavily damaged hull.



















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